Chapter 19 - Wings and Ailerons

Normally, you’re supposed to spend most of chapter 19 making jigs for the wings, hot-wire-cutting foam, epoxy’ing the foam together into the wing shapes, and then ultimately fiberglassing the wings. I got incredibly lucky and was able to skip all of that. In early May 2022, I reached out to Steve at Eureka CNC (Steve has since sold Eureka CNC) intending to purchase some of his cnc-cut wing cores. While he did have some wing cores available, he also offered to sell me these wings for only a few grand more. Obviously, I took the wings. A month and a half later, I took delivery of them. And they looked amazing.

Image of one of the wings, leading-edge down, resting on a foam stand

This allows me to skip approximately 3/4 of chapter 19. I’m still taking stock of exactly where I need to pick up from. I also expect to not touch this for quite some time.


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