Shop Setup

Here’s how I set up my shop for this:

You’ll need a lot of workbench space. I designed my own 2’x4’ workbench, and plan to build 6 of them.

Additionally, you need a bunch of storage space. I built a cabinet to store fiberglass in, which has space underneath it. I store store epoxy supplies underneath it - extra resin/hardener, flocked cotton for flox, microspheres for micro, etc. I also have a 3d printer under there, which is currently unused in this project. Though, I’ll probably 3d print some jigs.

I’ve also built a nice box where I have a container each of epoxy resin and hardener, wrapped in a heating pad. When I’ll be doing work with epoxy, I turn on the heating pad in the morning, and by lunch the epoxy has heated up enough to be usable. The box is made by cutting half-inch plywood and joining together with glue and screws. Nothing special. The back of it has a cut out for the heating pad + wire to go through, and there’s a door on the other side, which friction-fits closed (there’s no latch to keep it closed). It’s not great construction, but it’s fine for the purpose.

Future known work includes:

  • More storage. You will always need more storage.

Additionally, I also have some printouts of information good to have visible in the shop.

Last updated: 2022-05-30 19:12:12 -0700