Chapter 4 - Bulkheads, Instrument Panel, Front Seatback and Temporary Firewall

Chapter 4 starts off fairly simple - you’re mostly working with flat things that are all internal to the aircraft. Some curves, but no complex curves.

Front Seatback

The front seatback is very simple - cut down a slab of 0.75” thick foam, shape two of the edges to be 45°, and glass it. Following the advice of other builders, I used a tablesaw to make those cuts. You can see the result below.

Angle shot of the entire foam slab prior to glassing Closeup of the 45 degree edge on the foam slab prior to glassing

A few days later, I did the next step, which is to add micro and UNI fiberglass to one side. I interpreted “micro” in this case to be wet micro, not micro slurry. We’ll see how it turns out.

I cut out 2 lengths (approximately 42-45 inches) of full-width UNI and laid them out. I had to cut and rearrange the glass while laying it out, and there was some excess, but this worked well. Instead of using the polyester sheet as peel ply, like I had previously, I used plastic sheeting. We’ll see how it turns out.

Angle shot of the front seatback after the first side is glassed

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