Fiberglassing Techniques

Various techniques used in fiberglassing.

BID Taping

Don’t apply BID tape like a standard layup. You want to apply it already-wet and pre-trimmed. This is faster and has a cleaner result.

  1. Create a plastic backing that is a little oversized for the final tape.
  2. With a marker, draw the desired length & width of the BID on that plastic.
  3. Layup the BID inside of it. Layup all of the plies you’ll need in this. Be sure to squeegee out the air bubbles between layers.
  4. Once you’re done with the layup, put on a layer of plastic. So that you have this BID tape sandwiched between the plastic.
  5. Cut the plastic to the desired shape, following the lines you previously drew.
  6. Pull off one side of the plastic, and gently press the tape into place. Remove the plastic backing, and go over it with a clean squeegee to remove air bubbles.
  7. Add peel ply another plastic wrapping to finish.

Applying Fiberglass to vertical pieces

Whenever possible, you should layup fiberglass on top of parts that are horizontal (or mostly horizontal). Sometimes, that’s not possible, and I’ve found that using the BID tape technique with those works incredibly well.

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